Rental Equipment and Tools

Whether your project is big or small, Apollo Rental Center has the right equipment to do the job right. Our on time delivery service ensures that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Air Compressors

4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Air Compressor 185CFM Diesel Tow Behind--$140$560
Air Compressor 8 CFM Electric$39.90$57$228
Air Compressor 8CFM Gas$39.90$57$228
Air Hose 3/4--$10.50$42
Air Hose 3/8--$5$20


4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Engine Hoist$31.50$45$160
Wrench, Impact Electric 1/2″--$20$80


4 Hours1 Day
Chainsaw 16″$29.40$42
Chainsaw 20″$38.50$55

Compaction Equipment

4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Compactor Large Reversable--$125$500
Compactor, Plate$56$80$320
Roller, Riding$168$240$960

Concrete and Masonry Equipment

4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Bull Float Handles--$3$12
Bull Floats--$11$44
Core Bit 2″--$35--
Core Bit 3-1/2″--$48--
Core Bit 3″--$40--
Core Bit 4″--$55--
Core Bit 5″--$65--
Core Bit 6″--$75--
Core Drill Hand Held$43.40$62$248
Core Drill Vacuum$63$90$360
Mixer, Concrete Electric--$38$152
Mixer, Concrete Gas$56.70$81$324
Power Trowel$59.50$85$340
Saw, Cut Off 14″ Gas$51.10$73$260
Saw, Street 14″$64.40$92$368
Vibrator, Concrete Electric$35$50$264

Earth Moving Equipment

4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Backhoe Loader$192.50$275$1000
Mini Skid W//bucket$182$260$930
Trackhoe 16”$199.50$285$1044
Tractor W/Box blade$185.50$265$1000

Floor and Wall Maintenance Equipment

4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Carbide Disc--$50--
Carpet Dryer--$21--
Carpet Iron--$15--
Carpet Kicker--$15--
Carpet Stretcher$21$30--
Dehumidifier Quest--$50--
Floor Concrete Scarifier 8″$126$180--
Floor Grinder, Concrete Gas--$79--
Floor Polisher 16”$33.60$48--
Floor Sanding Attachment--$15.50--
Floor Turbo Grinder$175$250--
Floor Vinyl Stripper$40.60$58--
Jack, Gypsum Drywall$28$40--
Linoleum Roller 100LBS--$18--
Paver Saw MK1080$53.90$77--
Tile Saw 10”, MK101$39.20$56--
Tile Saw 24″, MK101 Pro 24″$46$66--
Tile Saw 7″$26.60$38--


4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Generator 1600 Watt$28$40$160
Generator 2500 Watt$35$50$200
Generator 3600 Watt$41.30$59$236
Generator 5600 Watt$49$70$280


1 Day
Grinder, 7″ Elec$25


4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Hammer, Large 90# Air--$54$189
Hammer, Large 90# Elec$63$90$360
Hammer, Medium 30# Elec$40.60$58$232
Hammer, Medium 40# Elec$45.50$65$260
Hammer, Medium 40# W/Cart$111.30$159$636
Rotary Hammer 1-1/2″$35$50$200


4 Hours1 Day
Jack, Hydraulic Bottle 22-1/2 Ton--$18
Jack, Transmission$22.40$32
Pallet Jack$26.60$38

Ladder and Personal Lifts

4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Ladder 10′ Step--$17--
Ladder 12′ Step--$25--
Ladder 14′ Step--$39--
Ladder 16′ Step$30.10$43--
Ladder 20′ Extension--$21--
Ladder 30′ Extention$31.50$45--
Ladder 8′ Step--$10.25--
Ladder, Telescoping 21′$45$65--
Personnel Lift 41-‘9″ BilJax 3522A, Articulating$213.50$305$1180
Personnel Lift 43′ BilJax 3632T$213.50$305$1180

Lawn and Garden

3 Hours4 Hours1 Day
Blower, Backpack--$24.50$35
Blower, Hand held--$17.50$25
Blower, Parking Lot--$35$50
Chipper 6″, Vermeer BC700XL--$168$240
Edger, Lawn Gas--$21$30
Hedge Trimmer, Electric--$17.50$25
Hedge Trimmer, Gas--$28$40
Hedge Trimmer, Pole--$39.20$56
Lawn Aerator Gas--$56$80
Mower Brush & Weed, Little Wonder BRC26 Hydro--$73.50$105
Post Hole Digger, 1-Man (Bits Extra)--$48.30$69
Post Hole Digger, 2 Man (Bits Extra)--$59.50$85
Pruning Saw, Gas 11′ Expandable--$47.60$68
Sod Cutter, Ryan Jr--$67.20$96
Stump Grinder, Manual--$126$180
Tiller, Rear Tine--$62.30$89
Tiller, Small Gas--$35$50
Vacuum, Lawn--$49$70
Weed Eater W/Blade--$31.68$45.25
Weed Eater W/Line--$21.18$30.25

Level, Transit and Measuring Tools

4 Hours1 Day
Level, Laser W/Tripod & Receiver$42$60
Level, Transit, Tripod & Stick$28$40

Material Handling

4 Hours1 Day
Catwalk, 24’L x 12″W--$39
Dolly, 2-Piece--$20
Dolly, Appliance--$14
Dolly, Flat--$9
Hand Truck--$14
Jack, Gypsum Drywall$28$40
Material Lift 12′$35$50
Material Lift 15′$47.60$68
Material Lift 18′$52.50$75
Material Lift 24″$52.50$75
Material Lift, 10′$41.30$59
Material Lift, 12′, Telescoping$45.50$65
Pallet Jack$26.60$38
Trailer, Dump 5000 LBS$96.60$138
Trailer, Utility 2000LBS$35$50

Plumbing Equipment

4 Hours1 Day
Snake 25′ Manual--$18
Snake 35′ Electric$21$30
Snake 50′ Electric$39.20$56
Snake 50′ Manual--$29
Snake 75′ Electric$49$70
Snake 75′, Manual$25.20$36
Snake 90′ Electric Mainline$52.50$75
Snake Additional 15′ Sections (90′ Only)--$12

Power Tools

1 Day1 Week
Drill, 1/2″ Electric, Spade Handle$20--
Drill, Hammer 1/2″ Electric$26--
Wrench, Impact Electric 1/2″$20$80

Pressure Washers

4 Hours1 Day
Pressure Washer 2500 PSI$47.60$68
Pressure Washer 4000 PSI$59.50$85
Pressure Washer Hydro Scrub$21$30
Pressure Washer, Turbo Tip--$14


4 Hours1 Day
Jet Pump 2″, Gas (pilings)$52.20$66
Pump 1″ Submersible--$18
Pump 2″ Centrifugal Gas$35.70$51
Pump 2″ Submersible--$35
Pump 3″ Diaphragm Gas$49.70$71
Pump 3″ Trash, Gas$49.70$71
Pump Hose, Discharge 2″ 50′--$9.50
Pump Hose, Discharge 3″ 50′--$13
Pump Hose, Suction 2″ 20′--$9.50
Pump Hose, Suction 3″ 20′--$13


4 Hours1 Day1 Week
Saw, Cut Off Saw 14″$51.10$73$260


1 Day1 Month1 Week
Catwalk, 16′ 12″ Wide$33--$132
Catwalk, 24′ 12″ Wide$36--$144
Scaffold Plank Adjustable 10′-17′$38--$76
Scaffold Plank Adjustable, 8′-13′$25--$50
Scaffold Snappy Double$90$295$155
Scaffold Snappy Single$34$140$70
Scaffold Snappy Triple$110$395$200
Scaffolding Casters--$9$4.50
Scaffolding Cross Brace--$8$4
Scaffolding Frames 5×5--$15.60$7.80
Scaffolding Guard Rail Post--$4$2.10
Scaffolding Guard Rails 5′--$4.20$2.10
Scaffolding Guard Rails 7′--$4.20$2.10
Scaffolding Leveling Jacks W/base--$12$6
Scaffolding Walk Boards--$23$11.50
Shoring Post$7--$28


4 Hours1 Day
Trencher 2X7$53.90$77
Trencher 3X12$77$110
Trencher 4X30 on Tires$140$200
Trencher 4X30 On Tracks$150.50$215


4 Hours1 Day
Welder 180 Amp$56$80

Your equipment comes fully assembled and ready to use, and our staff can provide safety and operating demonstrations so that you can get started on your tasks as soon as possible.

  • Apollo Rental Center is a full-servicing dealer of quality outdoor power equipment
  • We are authorized sales, service, and warranty for: Exmark mowers, Kohler small engines, Kawasaki small engines, Honda small engines, as well as an Elite Stihl full line dealer
  • We also represent and sell: Jacto spray equipment, Multiquip, Wacker, MBW construction equipment, Koshin pump, and Tsurumi pump
  • Landscape Equipment: Billy Goat, Little Wonder, and Ryan Turf equipment
  • We offer an extensive supply of pressure washer parts and accessories, as well as authorized sales for Pressure Pro and Pressure Systems Innovations. Large inventory of guns, hoses, wands, frame parts, rebuild kits, and surface cleaners
  • Large selection of Stihl parts and accessories, and a large stock of replacement belts, blades, filters, and maintenance items for Exmark mowers

Prices subject to change. Prices do not include taxes and applicable fees.